10 Methods to Keep Mice Faraway from Your Home Without the Need for Poison or Traps

Trust us, you don’t want them anywhere near your food. But since adopting a cat may not always be an option for you, you need some natural ways to drive these pests away yourself. Luckily, we have more than a few options for you to try.

The best thing about these natural repellants is that, unlike the commercial ones, they are not filled with dangerous chemicals and toxins. Furthermore, they are a more humane method than mouse traps. If you do not wish to deal with any dead mice, you can simply repel them and keep them away!


Not only is this a common and effective natural repellant for insects and spiders, but it has also proven usefulagainst mice! And the fact that your home will smell wonderful, is just an added bonus. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Add five drops of this oil for every one tablespoon of water in a spray bottle.

2. Give it a good shaking.

3. Spray everywhere you’ve seen any rodent activity.

4. Repeat this once every few days to make sure the mice stay away.


Just like peppermint oil, this oil is great for repelling insects, such as ticks. Give it a try on mice; it might just work as its scent is rather pungent. Just make sure not to get it into your eyes as this specific oil is very strong and can sting. Here’s what to do:

1. Once again, add five drops of clove oil for every one tablespoon of water in a spray bottle.

2. Shake it well.

3. Spray it around any areas where you’ve seen the mice.

4. Repeat this as you see fit.


Same goes for this oil. Not only is it quite popular as a natural insect repellant, but it has also been rumored to work against mice. Another use for this homemade alternative is that you can apply it on your body instead of a store-bought mosquito repellant.

1. Take a spray bottle and add 5 drops of this oil for every one tablespoon of water.

2. You can even add several drops of castor oil, if you want.

3. Spray this mixture wherever you think the mice would be gathering or hiding.

4. Repeat as often as you see fit.


Ammonia has quite the powerful aroma, which means mice will hate it. But take extra caution with this one if you have any pets or small children. If you happen to have a high sensitivity to strong scents, you may want to skip out on this option. Otherwise, here is what to do:

1. Take a small cup and pour ammonia into it.

2. Place this cup near any spot where you’ve witnessed any rodent activity.

3. Repeat with any other areas around your home.


These are a great option for keeping any animal away from plants, whether it’s deer or dogs or anything else. It’s no different for mice. And you don’t have to protect just your plants, but your entire living area by driving mice away, thanks to its spicy taste and scent. You can:

  • Sprinkle hot pepper flakes near any rodent activity you’ve witnessed.
  • Add these flakes near cracks or corners.
  • Be cautious when using them, as they might irritate your skin and eyes.


In case you don’t have any pepper flakes, you can opt for some diluted hot sauce spray instead. The spiciness will have almost the same impact. Another option is a fiery spice mix like black pepper or paprika. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take a spray bottle and add 5 drops of hot sauce for every three tablespoons of water.

2. Make sure to shake it well.

3. Spray this concoction wherever you think is necessary. Avoid directly inhaling this solution or getting it into your eyes. Also, as it might stain your carpet and walls, be extra cautious.


This is yet another powerful homemade remedy with a long tradition. There’s a big chance you may already have some bay leaves somewhere in your pantry. Moreover, as this is the least ‘invasive’ option of them all, it’s great for those who happen to be sensitive to strong smells.

  • Place these leaves anywhere where you’ve seen the rodents.
  • Replace them every three days or so.


We know this might sound like a strange option, but believe us, they’re effective at driving mice away. All you need to do is sprinkle several tablespoons wherever you’ve seen these rodents. The mice will eat these flakes, but they will expand in their stomachs before they are fully digested.

We understand if you’d prefer not to use such a method, as you should understand that this will eventually kill the mouse. You can instead only stick to the ‘driving away’ options. Needless to say, if you do end up using this option, keep it away from any pets you may have.


We’re sure you’ve realized that mice can and will gnaw away at practically anything just to get at your food. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your food in plastic, airtight containers. Additionally, move any trashcans as far away as you can from your living area.


While we mentioned that you don’t need to get a cat, you can always ‘trick’ the mice into thinking you have one? It may sound crazy, but it works. How? Simple, place some tubs containing used kitty litter around the points in your home where you suspect mice activity.

The mice will pick up on the cat’s urine and scurry off in the other direction, as they will think a predator is lurking about.


Remember that these natural deterrents are only one side of the solution when it comes to keeping any pests away. You should also seal any holes or cracks you might have, as well as taking out your garbage on a regular basis, as its putrid smell encourages mice, almost like ‘inviting them in’.

A temporary solution, steel wool gets the job done for those holes and cracks we mentioned. Whatever you do, dear readers, stay safe, pest-free, and healthy.

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