7 Signs THAT YOU WILL BE Consuming Way Much Sugar

Despite being aware that eating sugar and sugary things is detrimental for our health, we still like eating it.Sugar is highly addictive and its taste is just amazing, but it is of crucial importance to stay away from it since it can be detrimental for the health.

In this article, read about 7 signs which warn you that you are eating too much sugar.

  1. Lack of energy and feeling of tiredness

You could be feeling without energy and tired all the time if you consume a lot of sugar. Sugar gives an instant energy boost, but it lasts for a very short time. The energy is soon gone and you end up feeling weary and tired the rest of the day.

  1. Frequent colds and flu

Sugar weakens the immune system thus making it prone to colds, flu, viruses, and chronic diseases. So reducing the sugar intake also reduces the risk of developing a certain disease.

  1. Feeling foggy, particularly after meals

Foggy brain is the most common symptom for low blood sugar. Sugar increases the blood sugar level instantly, but they drop very fast. This inconsistency of blood sugar levels increases the risk of impairments and cognitive problems.

  1. Cravings for Carbs/Sugar

If you constantly crave sugar, then you are a sugar addict. Unfortunately, sugar causes addiction and if consumed too often, it leads to a chain reaction of cravings for sugar.

  1. Weight Gain

Because of the fact that sugar does not contain fiber and protein, it cannot keep you feeling full. Also, the more sugar you eat, the more calories you get. Sugar promotes production of insulin, which is a hormone necessary for the transportation of sugar to the organs so as to produce energy.

So, the more sugar you consume, the more insulin your body creates, and this can lead to insulin resistance. In situations like this, the body doesn’t react to normal insulin levels and fails to transport sugar as it need to.

  1. Change of Taste

According to Alpert, because of the fact that we consume a lot of sugar, our taste buds get used to it, and their tolerance to sugar is increased. As a consequence, you crave foods which is much sweeter than the one you had before.

Every beginning is hard, but once you start eating less sugar, the sugar tolerance level will reduce and you will be satisfied with very small amounts of sugar. Also, you will find some things too sweet for your taste as time goes by.

  1. Dark circles under the eyes and feet and skin issues

Sugar is inflammatory and consuming high amounts of sugar can cause acne, eczema, rosacea, oiliness, excessive dryness and many other skin issues. On the contrary, the skin is going to be cleaner and softer if you reduce the sugar intake.

Plantar fasciitis can occurs as a consequence of the inflammatory effects of sugar. Moreover, this can cause thick band of tissue on the heels and soles.

Additionally, high consumption of sugar can cause adrenal fatigue, thus leading to dark circles under the eyes.

Therefore, in case you have noticed any of the above mentioned symptoms, stop or reduce sugar consumption immediately if you want to be healthy.

via https://worldhealthynews.com /2017/07/26/7-signs-consuming-way-much- sugar/