7 Top reasons Why You Should Eat More Dates Every single day

Dates are incredibly useful our health and wellness. They boost our beauty and may be ate every day. They are abundant with magnesium, vitamin A, K, B6, manganese, niacin, copper, and riboflavin. Have a look at the following 7 main reasons why you should begin including dates in your eating plan right away:

Energy Booster – They are rich in fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Numerous people worldwide who consume dates on a regular basis said that they improve their mood and boost their energy.

Vitamin for the Eyes – Dates are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, and therefore, we need them for having healthy eyes. Dates prevent from eye retina and macula. In case of eye problems, dates consumption on a daily basis improves the sight and treat these problems.

Better Delivery – Dates consumption (1 month before the delivery at least), will lower the pain and decrease the bleeding.Experts proved that women who consumed dates have easier delivery then those who didn’t eat them at all.

Bone Health – Dates are rich in nutrients which improve the bone health. They prevent various skeletal diseases, osteoporosis and arthritis included. Dates consumption on a daily basis strengthens the bones and keeps them healthy.

Dates Are Good Against Constipation – A couple of dates, when put in some water to stay overnight, release a juice which has a laxative effect.

Lower Cholesterol – Dates don’t contain cholesterol and they have a small amount of fat. Dates consumption on a daily basis will decreases the cholesterol levels and stimulates weight loss.

Iron Source – 100 g of these fruits have 0.90 g iron, which indicates the 11% of the daily need. That’s why doctors recommend dates to pregnant women and children. They treat anemia and improve the blood circulation.

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