7 Tricks Which will Turn Your Bathroom Right into a Cleaning Palace

This is due to the fact that the contact we have with the surfaces of the bathroom also influences us a lot, which we can imagine to be filled with germs and with time this can worsen in such a way that we can get a serious infection by the simple fact of Sit on our toilet.

In the same way, a clean, white and bright bathroom, as well as a good smell, is much more pleasant both for those who live in the place and for the visits. It is common sense, people can not think that, because it is our personal space, this should be as we please, but always have to take cleanliness into account.


While not everyone is obsessive-compulsive with cleaning, but there are people who simply clean with soap and water from time to time, leaving many methods and products that can provide better results.

That is why here we will give you a few tips to help you keep your bathroom in the best way, these are the following:

  • -Whiten the bathtub – For your bathtub to recover the white color you must use four liters of warm water with half a glass of vinegar, a glass of alcohol and a quarter of a glass of baking soda. Rinse the surfaces and let it act for fifteen minutes, then wash with cold water and you’re done.
  • -Uncover the shower – Our shower or shower can begin to be covered by water sediments, but this is not a reason to replace it, but we must fill a bag with vinegar and hang it so that the shower is submerged in the liquid, let this act for a few minutes and your shower will work again.
  • -Clean mirrors – If you do not have the right product, use peroxide of oxygens and baking soda, so they will be shiny.
  • -Clean the toilet – You need 10 ml of warm water, 3 g of baking soda and 2 g of lemon juice. Use this solution to wet a cloth or sponge and clean the edges of the toilet.
  • –Toilet brush – If you want your brush to look like before, use a concentrated detergent with baking soda, salt, vinegar and wash with boiling water.
  • -Remove the oxide. If your knobs are rusted, use a mixture of salt and lemon, let stand all night and wash the surface the next morning.
  • -Clean ceiling – To clean the bathroom ceiling, use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, mop a mop and use it to clean the ceiling, you will eliminate dust and stains better.

Follow these simple tips and the cleanliness of the bathroom will be excellent. Send this information to your friends and family.

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