Alert: A Dead Bat Found Inside Popular Packaged Food

A recall was issued by The Fresh Express, when two people found a dead bat. The bat was inside of a container of a packed salad, called the Organic Marketside Spring Mix. They found the remains of the dead bat while eating the salad. The production code of the containers was D089B19 and they had an expiration date up to April 14th, 2017.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention laboratory tester the dead bat to find out if it carries some serious diseases. But, when the result came by, they said that is almost impossible to find out whether the dead bat has rabies or not because of its decomposed state. The people that ate the salad were in excellent health after some medical examinations and checkups. They have not shown any signs of rabies either.

The Center for Disease Control and prevention says that the virus cannot survive for a long time outside an infected organism, so that it why it is very unusual to discover rabies after eating a rabid bat.

The bat in the salad was Brazilian free-tailed bat and it is usually found in Mexico. After this happened, there were no similar cases of dead bats found in packaged salads until nor. And it may seems strange, but this has proven that it is possible for a bat to enter into the final product during the manufacturing procedure.

After this case, all the packaged salads made in the same production were recalled for safety reasons. They were only distributed to the Walmart stores in the Southeast.

source:  healthandlovepage