Aspartame Spin – Truth That Is Hidden From Us!

You must have heard of Aspartame and if you goggle this, you will see some strange things. We have to discuss the safety of this item since doctors and other experts tell us it is not lethal and misinform us. Still we were being lied to about the safety of this item just for companies to make more profit.

Aspartame was developed by the G.D. Searle pharmaceutical company and is not FDA approved. Monkeys and mice in the testing all had brain tumors, lesions, seizures and even died from it.

They all said that this item was safe for use even though it was rejected for 16 years in a row.

The FDA asked the Justice Department to pursue act against Searle for fraud data on the aspartame. Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA senior toxicology expert told the Congress that aspartame makes brain tumors.

Also the National Soft Drink Association objected this idea of aspartame being safe in soft drinks and being good as liquid form, but in fact it has formaldehyde too!

Searle back in 1985 got purchased by Monsanto and NutraSweet as part of Monsanto in 2000, when Monsanto sold this to J.W. Childs Partners.

This time, FDA found 92 signs linked closely to aspartame ingestion; weight gain, nausea, deafness, dizziness, blindness, death!

As to the aspartame resource center, this is in over 6000 items in the world.

Also, this whole thing is just Ajinomoto arms, the biggest producer of aspartame, and the second being NutraSweet. Ajinomoto also makes another additive, monosodium glutamate MSG.

Here on this site you can see info on the aspartame safety and there is even a label Meet the Doctors, where doctors talk on advices.

The ARC section says that the “Aspartame Information Center Expert Medical Advisory Board” was made for helping and guide with health professionals about the benefits, safety and healthy diet with aspartame.

All the board members made a counsel on medical popular science and nutrition and also on tools on medial issues. The background span had comments on medicine and science, health and nutrition.

As to the Aspartame Resource Center, you just need to look the item labels if there is aspartame included, since FDA wants this on the label.

Sometimes this is not mentioned, but there is also phenylalanine included, containing aspartame too!

You have to be vigilant and see every label for aspartame and even antibiotics and liquid toxins. This is the only way to be healthier and avoid side effects!