Which is a better pet choice for you: Adopting a Dog or a Cat?

For many people, pet choice and adoption of a pet has been one of the most incredible moments in their lives. Bringing an animal into your home is a big responsibility. Therefore, it is good to read what you should take into consideration when you adopt a dog or a cat for a pet choice.cat dog friends


Our canine friends come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure – they are man’s best friend. Dogs are incredibly loyal and connect emotionally with their owners. Although dogs understand that people are not like them, they see their owners as members of their family. Therefore, they are as overjoyed when they see you after the long work day, as the children are happy when they see their parents.

They are also incredibly intelligent (despite some funny situations in which they get into). With time and patience, you can teach them to be obedient and of course, to do funny tricks.


However, dogs are animals that require exceptional care. They are getting used to a schedule to which they adhere. Of course, this is just their schedule and does not necessarily coincide with people’s daily routines. If the dogs had learned that they must go out in a particular time, then you’d better fulfill their desire; in contrary, they would ‘relieve’ on the carpet.




Many people think that each cat is the same, but it is just not true. Similar to dogs, cats have very different types and breeds. While each breed has its characteristics, the cats usually come with same advantages and disadvantages on which you should pay attention to before adopting one.cats

Unlike dogs, cats do not require exceptional care and attention. As long as they have food, water, and a place to ‘mind their business’, you can leave them alone whole day or even longer.

Well-kept cats are usually very affectionate and playful. Even when their claws come out when they are playing, they won’t attack you, except in the case when they feel danger. It may sound incredible, but one study found that cats purr to be therapeutically useful for other animals around them. Even though they look like animals who want to be alone, it seems that they in some way care about their owners.


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