The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them

In the world, there are more than 100 different kinds of cancer and usually they are classified by the type of cell they affect. Our body experiences a stage called angiogenesis once it is definitely shaped and then the blood ships are created.

But, this thing does not prevent after our birth and it is present when we go through some activities, sch as cutting our skin, veins and many other kinds of small accidents. Then, the need for reconstructing the bloodstream appears. At this article, down below, you can find seven foods that are anti-angiogenesis and can help you avoid the growth of cancer.

Blueberry and raspberry

These plants both have anti-cancer properties, especially if it is ovarian cancer. They contain phytochemicals, so that is why they have a dark color, but this compound is also good for malignancy prevention. Consuming blueberry and raspberry will minimize the effect on angiogenesis and oxidative stress.

Green tea and coffee

Although they are one of the most consumed drinks every day, coffee and green tea are also great in decreasing the chances of developing a cancer.


A recent study made at the Harvard University, have shown that there is even 50% decrease in risk of getting a prostatic cancer if you consume cooked tomatoes regularly. They are very effective in inhibiting the angiogenesis. Also, tomatoes contain a compound named lycopene, which concentration raises when it is put on higher temperatures. So, consuming cooked tomatoes can successfully help you stop the growth of malignancy.

Dark chocolate

It is a tasty dessert, which also has an amazing health benefits. It is great for the condition of the heart and it can successfully fight the cancer cells. So, you should definitely eat more dark chocolate.


Turmeric is an amazing plant with numerous health benefits. It is very effective in the reduction of fat and it is one of the most used ingredients in preventing cancer.

source: worldhealthynews