Chiropractic Urges to Everyone – ‘Never Sleep On Your Right Side’

Necessarily Sleep on The Left Side of YOUR BODY! Here are the facts Why!

Nearby 40% of US citizens do not have a sufficient amount of sleeping, so they certainly are a prey for weakened disease fighting capability, depression, high blood circulation pressure, weight gain, or higher chronic medical issues and conditions.

Even utilizing the expert motto 7-9 hours of sleeping during the night, your time in bed may cause a whole lot of problems to your health in lots of unexpected ways. Professionals have stated that your most common position could be leading to you neck and back pain, premature lines and wrinkles and tummy troubles.

You will find industries and businesses built about how good we sleep and our quality sleeping. You can look for a dozen of commercials that are looking you to spend your life time saving to improve rest and rest well. You don’t have for that, there are methods to improve your sleep without you spending a cent.

Many say that we need to rest more, and spend more time in bed to feel more energized or rest more. But in fact the position we sleep in matters equally with how much we sleep.

According to a study done by Dr. John Douillard who is a sleep expert, we should know “To improve your sleep and feel more rested, sleep on your left side, you get many health benefits from it”.

Some other experts have said that, sleeping in the right position is good for improving your digestion, and that people who have asthma should not sleep on their back.


1. Heartburn Relief:

If you want to relieve from heartburn after eating a nice slice of pizza, a plate of jambalaya, sleep on your left side, it will help a lot! Sleeping on your right side while having a heartburn will make things even worse than they were, but on the other hand becoming a left side sleeper will help you.

2. Helps Lymphatic System:

Not many of us know or take care of our lymphatic system, and experts say it is very important to keep it in a top form for our health. Experts and studies say that the left side of the body is the lymphatic side, and if you sleep on that side it stimulates the lymphatic system to filter the lymph fluid, cleanse it from waste and toxins.

3. Heart Health:

You can improve your heart health by sleeping on your left side. Dr. John Douillard has said that sleeping on your left side the drainage of the lymph towards the heart will be helped by the gravitation, and its health is improved during your sleep.

4. Stops Snoring:

It is quite annoying to stay up all night and not fall asleep because someone is snoring in the room. But it seems that snoring is bad for our health and it is bad for our heart. Medical Daily have said that, patients who are prone to general snoring or have obstructive sleep apnea, should sleep on their side.

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