Symptoms are difficult to diagnose properly, and patients can suffer a great deal of pain.

When the worm is removed from the digestive system of the patient, severe pain, vomiting, and high temperature will cease.

Salmon containing raw fish can be infected with a worm-like parasite that causes severe pain, vomiting and elevated temperature in humans, writes The Independent.
According to a doctor’s report published in the BMJ magazine, a “pre-healthy” man was admitted to a hospital in Lisbon with symptoms initially difficult to diagnose.

However, after being questioned by the doctors, the man told them that he had recently eaten sushi. All the sushi of raw fish is not made, but many fish are first cooked. But the popular sashimi is made of uninhabited fish.

When physicians with small camera watched the patient’s bowels, they discovered that the larvae of the Anisakis worm attached to the inside of the men’s bowels.

The doctors said that the worm was a culprit for severe pain, vomiting, high temperature and susceptibility to the abdominal wall lasting about a week.

The article in the BMJ magazine argues that most of these Japanese worms are due to the popularity of fish. “However, there are more and more cases in the West,” the doctors wrote. ‘Patients with the history of eating raw or unconscious fish are most likely to suffer from this worm.’

Men’s pains stopped immediately after the worm was removed.

In addition to the symptoms described above, sufferers may also experience bleeding, constipation, bowel perforation, and inflammation of the stomach. Allergic reactions are also possible.