Get Rid Of Stains And Spots With The Help Of this 3 fantastic Foods

As long as you were annoyed with applying SPF factor cream and keeping it from the sun, it often happens to find a new spot on your face.

These tiny brown spots are the result of sun damage that gets worse with age.

And before they get worse, there are fantastic home treatments that will fade them and prevent them from becoming more noticeable over time.

Namely, as professional cosmetic treatments such as lasers and scrubs can stain hyperpigmentation spots, and some foods have bleaching properties. Try them, and if not, order professional treatment.

1 Apple vinegar

It is not unknown that it is used in skin care – say, this is a favorite skin toner by Scarlett Johansson – it is also used to bleach stains on the skin. Apple vinegar, in turn, accelerates the peeling process, meaning that the refined skin without stains will break out on the surface.

How to use it?

Soak the vat in a little apple vinegar and apply it to the stain and after a few minutes rinse. You repeat this several times a week.

2 Papaya

It contains high amounts of natural AHA acids, which are often an integral part of chemical peels and therefore gently exfoliate and brighten the skin.

How to use it?

Many papaya mix with a little yogurt and apply it to the skin. Apart from whitening stains, this mask will make the skin more glittering and smoother.

3 Garlic

True, this skin treatment will not smell well, but it’s important just to be effective, right ?!

Many portions contain sulfuric acid which is proven to bleach the skin. However, be careful because your skin can be nailed.

How to use it?

Drain a small bowl of juice on the vat and hold for 10 minutes on the stain. Then rinse well.