Here is What Happens With Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit with many side-effects and a lot of serious consequences. Deciding to quit smoking is definitely one of the best decisions you can make and your body will start feeling the amazing outcomes right away.

When you stop smoking your blood pressure and pulse will be normalized after only 20 minutes. After eight hours, the levels of oxygen and the carbon monoxide levels in your blood will normalize. You will have a lower risk of having a heart attack after the first day and after two days your senses of smell and taste will be improved and the endings of the nerve will start regrowing.

You will walk and run easier and your blood circulation will definitely be improved. This usually happens between the period of two weeks and three months. Your lungs will function 30% better.

Your energy will be boosted and you will not have health issues, such as coughs, sinus congestion or shortness of breath that often. This happens in the period from 1-9 months.

After a whole year, you will have twice lower risk of coronary heart disease than a smoker. After a time of five years, the chances of having esophageal cancer, mouth cancer or throat cancer are half than those of smoker.

You will also have twice lower risk of getting lung cancer after five years and after ten years the chances that you get a lung cancer are the same to a nonsmoker’s chances of getting lung cancer.

Actually, almost all types of cancer are much lower, such as: kidney cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, throat cancer, etc.

After 15 years without cigarettes, the chances of suffering from a heart disease are the same as the chances of a man who has never smoked.

Source: healthyfoodhouse