Revolutionary Nail Polish! It Can Save Women From Any Sexual Assault!

Have you known that beside its color and beautiful look, nail polish can also save you from being a victim of rape or any other type of sexual assault? Yes, this is true.

These days, many people with evil intents try to put some drugs into the drinks of the ladies. So, being drugged, they actually may become unconscious and be a victim of a rape. In order to prevent this even before it happens, now there is a special designed nail polish, which can warn you if there is a drug in your drink or not.

It is called Undercover Colors and when there are drugs nearby, this nail polish changes its color. It can easily detect the presence of Xanax, one of the most popular drug used for rape. All you need to do is dip one polished finger in your drink and you will know if there are any drugs or not. If the nail polish changes its color when dipped, this is a clear sign of a drug in your drink.

You cannot buy this nail polish in every market at the moment, but as time passes by it will definitely be available for everyone. It is an amazing and great product and it will help a lot of women.

Maybe there will also be made a clear version of this nail polish, so that men can also use it because sometimes they are also victims of a date rape. This nail polish can make a big change in the world.

source: healthandlovepage