No Pills, No Injections or Surgery, Here is 3 Ways to Lose That Double Chin Without

The very first thing we notice about someone is their face, and it could be very unattractive when there is some excess fat on it.

A lot of individuals are constantly giving everything they need to lose extra accumulated fat on the face or in the region of the neck, because there aren’t any physical exercises for them. And even though you are on a diet plan or you count and decrease the calorie consumption you intake, it won’t give any positive effect.


1. Cheek Exercises

Simply suck in the cheeks very tight, and while in that position smile without letting go of the cheeks. This exercise will be able to tone the muscles of our jaw, cheeks and the whole face.

2. Chin Raises

In order to eliminate the double chin, do the chin raise exercise. Face upwards towards the ceiling and just try to kiss it, just like a fish with your mouth, and hold it for a few seconds. Do a few repetitions, every day.

3. Exercising the Face Muscles

If you want to strengthen your face muscles and exercise them after losing some weight, do these exercises like in the video and listed above.

Full Body Fat Loss

The main thing to do to reduce the fat in the facial area, is to start losing weight. And here are some ways to reduce body weight very effectively:

1. Start Your day with Breakfast

Never skip the breakfast meal, because it is the most important one of the whole day. Having breakfast boosts or kick-starts your metabolism which produces huge amounts of energy for the whole day. To boost the metabolism even more and accelerate the process of burning calories, exercise a little bit before the breakfast meal.

2. Reduce Calories

The intake of calories on daily basis should be limited. Putting a limit on the calorie intake will help you to recognize which foods improve your health, and which don’t.

3. Reduce Alcohol Intake

The salivary glands in our facial area area affected by the consumption of alcohol and they become swelled, which causes the development of double chin and bloated face. Therefore, you should avoid or reduce the consumption of alcohol as much as possible, in order to prevent from these conditions, and get a clear and smooth skin.

4. Avoid Sugars and Sweets

It is quite often for a fat face to occur because of water retention or bloating. And mostly these two conditions are caused by sugar or salt. Therefore you should avoid any type of food that is processed such as soda, candy, sweets, or any type of canned product, replace all of these products with some fruits and fresh veggies.

As soon as you start to avoid these processed foods, sugars, alcohol and stat to drink the required amount of water, which all lead to bloating, and as soon as you start to workout and exercise you will experience a lot of benefits.

You will notice the changes immediately, which will stimulate you to make even healthier changes in your life, and that way you will have a slim body and face in general.

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