Norway Allows Abortion of a Healthy Twin Even to Foreigners

The health authorities in Norway have decided that a woman foreigner, pregnant with twins, can decide for an abortion of the fetuses in the Norwegian hospitals, even if the fetus is completely healthy.

The decision made by the Ministry of Health of Norway is expected to open the road for the women from neighboring Sweden and Denmark, where the procedure called “selective reduction” is not allowed.

“All women, whether they are from Norway or with residence in Norway, have the same right of abortion and fetal reduction”, says Torun Janby from the Norway Directory of Health at the NRK Agency.

The hospitals have no right to ask the permanent residence of the patients, with which the road for abortion tourism is being open.

According to NRK, some women from the Nordic countries have already contacted the Norwegian hospitals for more information on the procedure.

The lawyers from the Norwegian Law Department decided last February that the reduction procedure should be viewed as a simple abortion in front of the Norwegian Laws, so it should be legal if it is done up to the twelfth pregnancy week.

“We as a Directory are not under obligation to view the ethical side, but to give directions as to how the law should be interpreted”, says Janby for “The Local”.

The decision is contrary to many doctors councils, who are afraid that the procedure can be risky for the health of the mother and the living fetus.

“We do not see any medical benefit from this”, says Dr. Birgite Cars, specialist in fetal medicine at the Oslo hospital. “On the contrary, the second child in the womb is being put in jeopardy of a miscarriage”.

“Our recommendation for this procedure was to be carried out only if one of the fetuses has any abnormalities and only if it is carried out between the 12th and the 14th week, so that the risk of miscarriage is being reduced”, says Cars.

The multi-fetal pregnancies have become more frequent since the increased practice of in vitro insemination, where the selective reduction is being more frequently done with women carrying triplets, quadruplets or more babies.

resources: https://www.thelocal.no

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