She Removed Her Dark brown Spots With This Common Compound. Amazing!

“Age group spots” or “liver spots” are tan, flat, black or brownish spots on your skin, which may differ in size. They are able to show up on the hands, arms, encounter, and shoulders. Primarily on the areas which are mainly subjected to the sun.

Despite the fact that they mostly appear on the skin of individuals who are more than 50years old, they may also be located on the skin of young adults, specifically if they stay in sunlight for long.
These age liver spots are mainly a direct result of years of exposure to the sun and its own ultraviolet rays, but tanning beds could also cause their appearance. Age spots certainly are an assortment of Melanin, the pigment located in the upper pores and skin layer gives the skin color.

Every time skin is exposed to UV light, these rays increase the production of the pigment, that leads to a tan. The darkening of your skin acts to prevent Ultra violet rays from doing harm to the deeper pores and skin layers.
Therefore, these liver spots generally appear over those areas which were exposed to sunlight longer, where melanin is usually produced in greater amounts.
Logically, proper sun protection would avoid the appearance of liver spots. Light-colored or fair skin types are whole lot more susceptible to age areas, and in case you have a history of extreme or frequent sunlight exposures or sunburn — you’ll be more susceptible to them.

Typically, these spots aren’t dangerous. However, in case you notice that a few of them have transformed in appearance, you should check out your doctor and examine the reason why.
It’s important to consult your doctor in the case your age spot:

has quickly grown in proportions is darkly pigmented
is accompanied by inflammation, bleeding, itching, tenderness
is unusually colored
has an irregular border.

Usually, these age liver spots are treated with chemical peels, freezing, bleaching creams, laser therapy, or a dermabrasion. Yet, prior to deciding to try surgical choices, you should try a few of the effective natural methods for removing age spots.

The writer of Quantum Paleo, Dr. Doug Willen, has found out a fast natural answer to the appearance of the spots on the skin, and it includes onion juice and apple cider vinegar.
A female from Dallas has tried a treatment for age spots that she found on Youtube (you could find the video bellow), and believe or not she got amazing outcomes. Her age spots and sun destruction had disappeared!

Onions are abundant with antioxidants which neutralize the actions of free radicals. Apple cider vinegar offers alpha hydroxy acids, which effectively eliminate dead pores and skin cells and reveal the healthful skin coating underneath. The utilization of this combination offers been reported to allow a wholesome glow to the skin as well.

This is how to make it:

Dice 1 fresh onion, and make use of a mortar and pestle to pulverize it.
Place the parts in a blender, add the apple cider vinegar. Be sure you make use of organic, natural, unfiltered vinegar with this remedy.
Mix until you get yourself a homogeneous mixture.
Then, apply this mixture on this liver spots utilizing a cotton ball.
Furthermore, be sure you use sunscreen to guard your skin. The next video will offer more info on this process of removing age spots, so watch it out!

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Video source: Doug Willen

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