Removing The Barriers To Love and Keep Your Love On

Past wounds, personal concerns, and defensive states will prevent us from discovering, experiencing, and sharing real love. This love (real love, universal love) exists inside our spirit (true character, divine nature).

To actually discover it we should first clear away any barriers that lay between our mindful understanding and spirit. These barriers sometimes consist of wounds, problems, and defenses; in addition to the human imagination and sense perceptions. As long as they stay, we cannot access real love, and even understand what it really is. What we call love is something our intellect has generated from observations, experience, or media influences on the way.

We see or hear what most people call love, form our own understanding of it, and seek to create what we believe it to be. Whenever we connect with somebody in a relationship, we all have a loving or sexual experience, and try to mold it into what we realise love is. Children sometimes provide showing portrayals of how love is expressed within their homes whenever they do role plays in Mommy and Daddy’s shoes. And quite often this is just what is occurring – role playing.

Actors and actresses are actually performing roles so that they can create what they consider to be love, while looking for methods for getting their real demands met behind the scenes; without realizing why their relationships aren’t fulfilling. They’re not fulfilling since they are not in love. Whenever we shed the layers that separate us from our spirit, we find love.

But how can we do this and Keep Your Love On?

If we are luckily enough to discover our soulmate, the wall structure around our heart will crack open, light will shine in, and we’ll see things we’ve hardly ever seen before. It really is then up to us to accomplish something about it. We might or will not recognize what it really is (a soulmate connection), but we will surely understand that something supernatural is happening in our lives! If we happen to be haunted by pressure or issue triggers they will attempt to convert our miraculous discovery into a thing that matches their distorted, limiting belief systems.

They’ll make it much harder for us to simply accept that what we are perceiving can be real.

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For example, if person has issues of inadequacy, trust, and abandonment, when finding such a love, these issues, and their helping defenses, will conspire to convince them that it’s not serious, or that it will not last. They generate hypersensitivities to criticism/staying incorrect (inadequacy), doubting/disbelieving in the honesty of others (trust), and a profound dread that their future partner will grow sick and tired of them and keep them behind (abandonment).

These preoccupations, of course, represent our very own beliefs about ourselves, projected externally about our relationships.

The more vital a potential relationship, the more extreme the issues. Therefore a soulmate represents the best threat because, with them, there’s the most to lose. Someone with these concerns will probably feel safest and most secure with person they don’t really worry about or respect (not as to lose), someone they feel more advanced than (no danger to inadequacy issues), an individual with whom trust is actually irrelevant (because they don’t really care), somebody who expresses small emotion or desire in them (because there will be fewer issue reactions/even more comfortable and steady for issues), and a person who is usually insecure and scared of losing them (because this tends to give them more power and control in the relationship/less of a chance of being abandoned).

Whenever we have such issues, they function very difficult to determine our perceptions, beliefs, and choices. So when they do we, without noticing it, will most likely end up creating just what we want to prevent. Our relationships will either end up being empty and unfulfilling, or filled up with conflict, criticism, misuse, and eventual loss. If we have difficulties, and neglect to address them, then one (or both) of the two general relationship habits will likely occur.

But if we are courageous more than enough to open our hearts to the soulmate, to make the risks and deal with our fears, in that case we are able to both go above our pressure and concern triggers, and talk about the most beautiful love imaginable!

The greater vibrational frequencies of the love will lift us up, above the brain and human senses, right into a place of spirit. (heart chakra). Doing this might require a lot of courage, trust, and faith; and a willingness to forget about past hurts; in order to be vulnerable to another in the light of spirit love. One thing that typically assists us summon the desired fortitude to take this amazing plunge may be the realization that we just need to try to make ourselves susceptible to this one person.

We can still keep our protective boundaries with everybody else. It does not indicate we will eventually lose the safety we’ve worked so hard to create. This means we will handle it, and increase it by trusting in another person who’ll also want to safeguard us. Fight those situations and defenses, and take the risk. It is really worth it. It can help transform us spiritually, and concurrently give us the present of real love. It’ll jumpstart our spiritual expansion process.

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Another Way to Keep Your Love On: Living In Spirit

Another way to find true love is to create our spiritual practice our highest priority. Living from spirit will open doorways, motivate us to walk through them, and support us elevate our vibration to that of love (heart chakra, or above). Doing this will bring up our vibration above the mind and human being senses, helping us get over stress and issues triggers by perceiving life at a frequency that’s higher than they’re.

Daily practices of yoga exercise, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and exercise can really encourage this upward spiral.

Expressing ourselves creatively, through music, poetry, sketching, sculpting, painting, and writing (or any kind of other creative outlet) may also help us get and cultivate all of our spirit. Work with an alternative solution healer or spiritual instructor could also prove beneficial.

Our Love Will Find A Way: Now With Lead Guitar

For anybody following a development of my song, “Our Love Will Find A Way,” written for my best soulmate; this is actually the latest version, right now including lead guitar. Please take a look and let me know what you think! Nevertheless, you greater have your dancin’ sneakers on! Baby, it’s getting there! I won’t let you down!

Dr. Kai Swigart, is a Hawaii man, a person on a mission, enthusiasm with a reason. As a healer he’s a certified shrink, shaman, spiritual teacher, vibrational curing practitioner, and mentor. As a musician, he writes, arranges, and records original tracks; and play keyboard, guitar, sax, flute, and drums within a number of genres. I like training, landscaping, outrigger canoe paddling, swimming, fixing things, dobermans, and dark beer.

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