10 Scary Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Every Woman Needs To Know

Bladder cancer actually starts in the cells that line inside of the bladder. This type of cancer usually affects older people, but it can affect every one of us, no matter the age or the gender. The positive thing is that it can usually be diagnosed in its early stages, so you can treat it on time.

But, the bad thing is that bladder cancer often recurs, so even if you think is gone, you should do some check and follow-up tests from time to time. Here are some of the most common symptoms of bladder cancer.

Blood in the urine

This is usually the first symptom people experience. Not every time when you notice a blood when urinating means you have cancer, but you should definitely visit your doctor right away to be sure. Noncancerous tumors, infections, bladder or kidney stones can also be some of the reasons why there is blood in your urine.

Frequent urination

Having an urge to urinate very often can also be a sign of bladder cancer. The cancer causes some changes in your urination habits, so having an urge to pee right away even when your bladder is not full is also a sign.

Pain or burning during urination

This is just another symptom of bladder cancer. You should visit your doctor right away if you are experiencing something like this to find out if it is cancer or not.

Difficulty urinating

Having a weak urine stream or having difficulties on producing pee is also a symptom of bladder cancer. Go to your doctor to do a medical check up right away.

Lower back pain on one side

Although it can be a sign of many other issues, experiencing a pain specifically to one side is a symptom of bladder cancer. Bring it up with your doctor just to be sure.

Feeling weak or tired

Feeling weak or tired without any specific reason can also be a sign. You may have emotional and mental reasons for the weakness and tiredness, but it can also be an advanced bladder cancer symptom.

Losing weight and appetite

If you lose your appetite for a longer time, it may be a sign of many health problems, including bladder cancer. You should definitely go to your doctor.

Swollen feet

Usually, this is a sign of being tired of walking too much around or being pregnant. But, having swollen feet for no particular reason it may also be a symptom of bladder cancer.

Inability to urinate

Becoming entirely unable to urinate is definitely a symptom and sign of suffering from an advanced bladder cancer.

Pelvic pain

When the cancer gets in its advanced stage, you may have bone pain and pelvic pain. Visit your doctor.

source: hlthfoodhouse