Tend Not to Give Hot dogs to Kids! Health Professionals Warn Against This Dangerous Food

Hot dogs are the most popular type of fast food in the world, but also one of the unhealthiest ones.

This junk food is especially popular in the USA, where adults and children eat it on a daily basis. However, things are about to change – according to a new research, children who eat hot dogs every day have a significantly higher risk of several serious diseases!

More than 155 million hot dogs are consumed throughout the USA every 4th of July, which is highly concerning. Some people buy hot dogs for their kids as they’re a convenient and fast option for a meal, but according to a new study, children who eat 12 hot dogs per month have a significantly higher risk of leukemia.

Furthermore, the research found out that women who eat 1 hot dog a week have a bigger chance of giving birth to a baby with brain tumor, and men who eat hot dogs every day before sex are increasing the risk of cancer in the fetus.

The main cancer-causing compounds in hot dogs are the nitrite additives, which are added to fight botulism. During the cooking process, the amines and nitrites are mixed and exposed to high temperatures, which effectively turns them to a new harmful compound called N-nitroso.

If you or your family loves hot dogs, we suggest going for nitrite-free meats that won’t put your health in grave danger. Or just completely avoid them, as many scientific studies say that hot dogs are dangerous for our health.

via http://organichealthsolution.com/do-not-give-hot-dogs-to-kids/

image source: https://pixabay.com